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Text by Derek W. Keats
Photography by Derek W. Keats
Illustrations, layout & design by Heidi Taylor
HTML version by Derek W. Keats

Wherever you see the sound icon , you can click to hear the annotation for the present slide being read. However, this is really only useful if you are on our local network, or if you are using the CD version of this resource. Via the Internet, it will take too long to download the sound before it can begin playing.

This resource was developed initially as a slide-tape package for use by the Environmental Education Resource Unit of the University of the Western Cape. It was converted to HTML format by D.W. Keats as an experiment to demonstrate the power of the WWW as an educational tool. The resource is divided into a number of frames, which are linked with one another, or which can be accessed individually from the links above. I hope you enjoy and learn from this resource.


1997, Derek Keats
09 January 2002