The Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa


EEASA was formed at a conference held at Treverton College in the Natal-Midlands, in 1982. Since then the Association has grown steadily and now has almost 500 paid-up members including teachers, conservation officials, community and development workers, resource developers and researchers. The role of EEASA is to support environmental education in southern Africa.

It endeavors to achieve this by providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and opinions on environmental education through its publications, the annual conference and workshops, and the activities of working groups in the regions. EEASA acts as a responsible body for consultation on and coordination of, matters of public and professional interest concerning environmental education.

EEASA produces two publications each year being the EEASA Bulletin which is releases twice a year and the southern African Journal of Environmental education, released once a year. Periodically EEASA also publishes a monograph on a particular issue. The 1999 monograph focuses on Indigenous knowledge in environmental education. EEASA also runs an annual conference and workshops.

EEASA's expertise lies with it's members who are all environmental educators in some way.

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To become a member of EEASA contact:

Jane Burt c/o Education Department,
Rhodes University,
Box 94, 6140.
Tel: 046 6038390. Fax: 046 6361495

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