Environmental Justice Networking Forum
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What is Environmental Justice?

The Environmental Justice Networking Forum (EJNF) is a shared resource established to service the common interests of participating South African non-governmental and community-based organizations on matters concerning environmental justice and sustainable development.

EJNF is a network in the sense that it seeks to improve the strategic information and communications functions of participating organizations.

EJNF is also a forum in that it seeks to provide a common structure through which different sectors of South African civil society can explore, strengthen and promote matters of common interest relating to environmental justice and sustainable development.

Contact the EJNF at:
P.O.Box 11920 Dorpspruit 3206
Tel (0331) 949 073;
International + 27 331 949 073
Fax (0331) 455 841;
International + 27 331 949 073

Web site under construction.

Real Audio clip: Bobby Peak (EJNF)Click on image to listen to an interview with former National Campaigns Coordinator of the network, Mr. Bobby Peek.

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