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Basic information on algae

News from the world of algae

In the name of the Hungarian Algological Society, the Organising Committee of the 12th Hungarian Algological Meeting invites you to participate on the meeting. It will held on 14-18 May 2001 at Pécs, a nice town in a mountain area of South Hungary. Subject of the meeting is: The algal flora of (small) streams, side arms, dead arms and oxbow lakes, in aspect of biological water quality and nature protection.

More details available from their web site:

UWC student assignments on algae

These  are small assignments that contribute <10% of the marks towards a six week Phycology or Marine Botany module, or a three week intensive course on Seaweed Mariculture.

Phycology & Marine Botany Courses

Algal groups

  • Bluegreen algae, (AKA Cyanobacteria). Introduction to the Cyanobacteria, Architects of earth's atmosphere
    • Research on the Biology and Control of Toxic Blue-green Algae under Project Leader, Dr Gary Jones (CSIRO, Australia).
    • Cyanosite: A Webserver for Cyanobacterial Research
    • CYANOFIX: A European Science Foundation Scientific Programme
      on Cyanobacterial Nitrogen Fixation
  • Rhodophyta, (AKA red algae). An introduction to the Rhodophyta.
  • Chlorophyta, (AKA green algae). Introduction to the "Green Algae"
    • Green Algae: Chlorophyta.A site with lots of photographs of green algae.
    • The seven veils of Halimeda. Despite its title, this site contains a thorough biological and geological appraisal of a calcareous green seaweed which lives in warm seas, particularly on and near coral reefs.
  • Euglenophyta: Introduction to the Euglenoids
  • Chromista. Introduction to the Chromista, from microbes to giants. . .
    • Brown Algae: Phaeophyta. A site with lots of photographs of brown algae.
    • Diatom Home Page, Biology Department, Indiana University. This site contains information of general interest to diatomists and other phycologists along with links to other useful Internet resources.

Herbaria and collections

Seaweed information

Algae as human food

  • The Maine Seaweed Company. They sell varieties of edible seaweeds - kelp/laminaria longicruris, alaria esculenta, laminaria digitata kelp, dulse/Palmaria palmata and nori/Porphyra umbilicalis and fertilizer seaweed - Ascophylum seaweed.
  • Vegetable aquatics. You can go straight to seaweed recipies or read on for more about seaweeds. Alternatively go to 'Further Seaweed Cooking Tips'.

Fossil algae

Toxic algae and harmful algal blooms

The seaweed industry

Societies dedicated to promoting Phycology

School-level resources on algae

Literature and Literature Search

  • The recently redesigned NAUSICAÄ website is a database containing links to the most interesting web sites concerning the sea-related topics and marine activities.
  • Protist - a journal for current perspectives on protistology (formerly Archive für Protistenkunde)
  • Search some recent algal literature for references. Michael Guiry has set up a search facility for four important marine algal journal/proceedings: Phycologia; European/British Phycological Journal; Botanica marina; and Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposia. This is a free service and the work has been done mainly by summer students and the people in Guiry's lab.
  • Cladophera references.
  • There is a Bibliography of the non-geniculate coralline algae on this server. It is a few months out of date, but we are working on updating it.
  • Glossary of selected marine botanical terms

Phycologists personal pages

Web Search


  • The recently redesigned NAUSICAÄ website is a database containing links to the most interesting web sites concerning the sea-related topics and marine activities.
  • Michael R. Martin's Phytoplankton Image Library.
  • Way cool tidepool algae Welcome algae lovers and tidepoolers. Thank you for helping us celebrate the slimy stuff overlooked by hunters of seastars and urchins...seaweed!! We have created a gallery of our favorite green, brown, and red algae. Browse and enjoy!

  • Emiliania huxleyi
    Home Page. The home page for "Ehux", a really cute little coccolithophorid alga that is an important member of the marine phytoplankton in many areas.
  • Algal blooms in Hawaii
    • An essay on the underwater history of the ocean where some nuisance blooms occur in Hawaii Algae-essay is 373K and has many online graphics of the bloom and other environmental insults.


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